Sports Massage

Claire is a mobile sports massage therapist who can come to your home and help you recover from those aches and pains. The techniques used are to ensure effective and efficient results are gained from each session. Sports massage doesn’t have to be painful to be effective; Claire will adjust firmness to your preference and need, she can focus on problem areas or provide a full body massage.


Claire’s aim as a sports massage therapist is to help prevent and / or recover from long-standing or recent injuries, recover from heavy training sessions or a busy lifestyle, I can also provide advice on strengthening and / or stretching specific problem areas.

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The Benefits of Sport Massage

Sports massage can be beneficial at different stages of your training or event, some of these benefits include:


Pre-event – Assisting with warm up, stimulation and relaxation


Optimises performance

Decreases muscle tension or increases muscle tone as required

Encourages good joint range of motion

Allows for mental preparation - stimulation

Reduces anxiety

Prepares muscles for activity

Warms up and increases blood flow to the working muscles

Improves oxygen and nutrient supply to muscles


Inter-/Intra-event – recovery and injury prevention


Improves rate of recovery from previous activity

Prepares client for next event

Reduces anxiety

Decreases muscle tension or increases muscle tone as required

Removes metabolic waste produced by previous event

Increases blood flow through muscle to bring further supply of oxygen and nutrients


Post-event – cool down recovery and relaxation


Removes waste products

Psychological benefits

Assess for injury or tissue damage

Normalises tissue and restore muscle tone

May help prevent delayed onset of Muscle soreness (DOMS)

Relieves muscle cramps or spasms

Decreases muscle tension

Relieves pain

Increases blood flow

Increases venous return

Increases lymphatic drainage

Releases fascia restrictions

Increases mood enhancing neurotransmitters


Maintenance – posture and alignment


Maintains optimum body condition

Maintains optimal movement patterns

Decreases muscle tension

Assess for injury or tissue damage

Normalises tissue and restores muscle tone

Increases blood flow

Increases lymph drainage


Releases muscle and fascia restrictions

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